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Lesotho - Four Centers Water Supply And Maseru II - PPER


This Project Performance Evaluation Report (PPER) is a post-evaluation of the Four Centers Water Supply Project and Maseru II Water Supply Project both in the Kingdom of Lesotho. The total project cost for the Four Centers was estimated at UA13.23 million (to be covered by an ADF loan of UA6.08 million, NORAD fund of UA2.93 million, OPEC fund of UA2.69 million and GOL contribution of UA1.53 million). For the Maseru II Water Supply, the total cost was estimated at UA18.08 million (to be raised from ADF and ADB loans of UA7.37 million and UA6.63 million respectively, and Government’s contribution of UA 4.08 million). The Bank Group loans were approved in December 1982 and August 1985 respectively.

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