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Lesotho - Lowlands rural water supply and sanitation project - Appraisal report


The Bank Group on 3rd October 2013 approved a UA 6.52 million ADF loan and a grant of EUR 3.2 million (UA 2.61 million) from the RWSSI Trust Fund to the GoL to finance the implementation of the Lesotho: Lowlands Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project (LLRWSSP). The loan and grant entered into force on 30th September 2014 and 15th May 2015 respectively, and effectiveness for the first disbursement was declared on 31st March 2015 for both the Loan and the Grant. The first disbursement for the grant was effected on 25th September 2015 while for the loan it was on 26th June 2017. The project was originally set for closing on 31st December 2017 while the loan and grant disbursement closing date was 30th September 2018. Subsequent to a supervision mission that concluded on 4th October 2017, the project closing date was extended by one year to 30th September 2019, and further extended to June 2020 to enable inclusion of localities within the project, that were initially excluded. The current disbursement on the Loan as at January 2019 is 51.22%, whilst that for the Grant is 37.29%. The LLRWSSP will also benefit from an additional funding commitment from the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF) for a financing of USD 4.42million (or about UA 3.14 million) to help with the following: i) Identifying Climate Risks and Reducing vulnerability to climate change in the water sector for communities in the project area; ii) Capacity Development for Improved Water Resources Management; iii) Awareness Raising of Local Communities on Climate Change Adaptation; and iv) Knowledge Management and Monitoring and Evaluation.

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