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Liberia - Combined Country Strategy Paper 2013-2017: Update to 2018 combined with Country Portfolio Performance Review (CPPR) 2017


The Boards of Directors of the African Development Bank Group (Bank) approved the Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Liberia, 2013 -2017, in July 2013. The Board’s Committee on Operations and Development Effectiveness (CODE) subsequently approved a Combined MidTerm Review (MTR) of the CSP and the Country Portfolio Performance Review (CPPR) in September 2016. This document updates the Board on the progress made, and challenges encountered in implementing Liberia CSP, 2013-2017, as well as requests for an extension of implementation period to end-2018, primarily because there is a new governing administration in Liberia, which is in the process of articulating its own vision, and development agenda, which will be finalized end of 2018.

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