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Liberia - Harper Road Project (Karloken - Fish Town & Harper Junction – Cavalla) - Lot 2 of the Zwedru - RAP Report


Liberia has not has a good road network since its independence. Only a smaller percentage of the nations’ roads were paved, while majority of the road network remained unpaved. And with the advent of the civil crises, maintenance of the road network could not be undertaken due to lack of the financial capability. Hence, most of the road network deteriorated rapidly, making them unworthy for travelling thereon. And this situation is particularly worse in the southeastern region of the country, which is the farthest distance from the capital, Monrovia. It has been agreed by the Government of Liberia (GoL) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) that rehabilitation and paving the Ganta – Harper Road (510 km) is strategic and will ensure sustainability of the investment within the southeastern region of Liberia considering that the section of road is a missing link along the Trans-African Highway corridors in West Africa. The paved road will not only make it adaptable to the adverse climatic conditions but also protect the current investment in addition to other socio-economic benefits associated with road improvement.

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