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Madagascar - 2017-2021 Country Strategy Paper


The 2017-2021 Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for Madagascar was prepared in a relatively favourable context, marked by the restoration of political stability. Itfollowsthe 2014-2016 Interim CSP, which supported Madagascar’s efforts to address the urgent challenges of political and economic consolidation. The new CSP 2017-2021 aims to be innovative by paying closer attention to the removal of structural constraints that prevent the country from embarking on a path of strong and shared growth focused on structural transformation and the creation of high value-added generating jobs. It draws on the guidelines proposed by CODE on 28 June 2017, following its consideration of the Combined 2014-2016 Interim- CSP Completion Report and 2016 Portfolio Review, and the proposed pillars for the new CSP. Therefore, the comments made by CODE have been taken into account in the CSP (see Annex 22). The two pillars of the CSP 2017-2021 were approved by the President of the Republic of Madagascar and the President of the Bank on 22 July 2017 in Abidjan. The CSP 2017-2021 is aligned on the 2015-2019 National Development Plan (PND). It aims to operationalize the Bank’s five top priorities(“the High 5s”) in Madagascar in order to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG).

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