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Madagascar - Africa Disaster Risks Financing Programme (Adrifi) - Appraisal Report


The Africa Disaster RisksFinancing Programme (ADRiFi) will assist Madagascar in moving towards a more proactive disaster risksmanagement (DRM) system, to enhance the country's resilience and capacity to manage disaster risks related to climate hazards. In this regard, ADRiFiwill build Madagascar's capacity in disaster risk assessment, early warning systems and contingency plans, and support the country's participation in the sovereign risk transfer mechanism of the African Risk Capacity(ARC). The ADRiFiprogramme is in line with the country's National Risk and Disaster Management Policy and forms part of its National Risk and Disaster Management Strategy (SNGRC) 2016-2030, which has the overall objective of "building DRM/Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) as a pillar of sustainable development". The programmecovers a 5-year period (2019-2023) and will cost UA 3.29million. The programmetargets areas of the country that are vulnerable to risks of disasters related to tropical cyclones, floods and drought. Due to the drought risk coverage provided by the ARCas part of the programme, the programme’starget area is the "Great South" of Madagascar because of its high vulnerability to drought. The Programme's direct beneficiaries are: (i) the Government of Madagascar, to be supported to participate in the ARC risk pool; and (ii) disaster risk management agencies, whose capacity will be consolidated. The indirect beneficiaries will be small-scalefarmers and vulnerable segments of the island's "Great South". Particular attention will be givento women and children

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