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Madagascar - Bas-Mangoky Irrigation Scheme Rehabilitation and Extension - Project Prepration Facility


The Government of Madagascar and the Bank identified the agricultural sector as one of their priorities in the “Madagascar Action Plan” and the Country Strategy Paper (CSP) 2005-2009, respectively. The proposal to extend the CSP until end-2013, maintaining the same initial pillars (strengthening of rural infrastructure and governance), was recently submitted to the Bank for approval after the October 2011 mission undertaken to assess the country’s situation. The Bas Mangoky Irrigation Scheme Rehabilitation Project (PRBM), which was financed by the Bank and closed on 31 December 2009, produced very encouraging results (35,000 tons of paddy produced and average output per hectare of 6 tons). A supplementary ADF loan was approved on 3 December 2008 for the construction of a new water uptake structure. Due to the political crisis in which the country has found itself since January 2009, the project only became effective in December 2011. Apart from securing the achievements of the PRBM, this uptake structure will offer fresh opportunities for extending the scheme.

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