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Malawi - Shire Valley Transformation Program – Phase 1 (SVTP-1) - Appraisal Report


The Shire Valley Transformation Program (SVTP) will be implemented in Chikwawa and Nsanje Districts south of Malawi. The program development objective for the Shire Valley Transformation Program is to increase agricultural productivity and commercialization for targeted households in the Shire Valley, and to improve the sustainable management and utilization of natural resources. The project development objective for SVTP-1 is to provide access to reliable gravity fed irrigation and drainage services, secure land tenure for smallholder farmers and strengthened management of wetlands and protected areas. SVTP is a program of three sequential but partially overlapping phases (with different financiers entering at different times and in parallel financing arrangements). SVTP extends for fourteen years (2018-2031) with a total cost of USD 563 million. Shire Valley Transformation Project (SVTP-I) initiates the process with a major focus on irrigation service provision to the SVIP-I area, land tenure, farmer organization and natural resource management as these precede any downstream development. SVTP-I will provide the necessary infrastructure and enabling environment to scale up the deployment of agricultural technologies under SVTP-II in line with the Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT) framework to increase agricultural productivity and value addition. SVTP-II shifts investment focus to agricultural investment, private sector and value chain support, as well as the investments in bulk infrastructure for the SVIP-II area. Finally, SVTP-III is the massive scale up phase of investments to the SVIP-II area.

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