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MALI - Bank Group 2015 -2019 Country Strategy Paper


In recent years, Mali has experienced the most serious crisis in its history with a coup d'état in March 2012 and the occupation of the North for almost a year by rebel and jihadist groups. Efforts by the international community led to the retreat of the putschists and the formation of a Transitional Government. They also helped to stop the advance of the jihadist groups towards the South of the country in January 2013 and to ensure the smooth conduct of the Presidential elections in July - August 2013 as well as the legislative elections in November- December 2013. The Inter-Malian Negotiations under the aegis of Algeria with the assistance of the International Community led to the signature on 15 May of the Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation in Mali, subsequently ratified by the Government and all the rebel groups on 20 June 2015. The Agreement aims to create the conditions for fair and lasting peace in Mali, thereby contributing to subregional stability as well as to international security. Despite the signing of this agreement, the country's security situation remains fragile.

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