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Mali - Combined Results - Based Country Strategy Paper 2005-2011 Completion Report and Country Portfolio Performance Review 2011


In November 2005, the Bank Group Boards of Directors approved the 2005-2009 Results-Based Country Strategy Paper (RBCSP) for Mali. In February 2009, they also approved the RBCSP Mid-Term Review which recommended that the Bank’s strategy be extended to 2011 and generally kept unchanged. Thus, Pillar 1 of the RBCSP on “Improving Private Sector Environment” was strengthened, while Pillar 2 was refocused on “Rural Development Promotion”. The aim of this Combined 2005-2011 RBCSP Completion Report and 2011 Country Portfolio Performance Review is firstly to apprise the Boards on the RBCSP 2005-2011 implementation and outcomes, as well as lessons learnt for the new RBCSP 2012-2017. It also seeks to review the status of the portfolio, identify various obstacles hampering project implementation and revise the Portfolio Performance Improvement Plan (PPIP) formulated during the last review in 2009.

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