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Mali - Emergency Economic Recovery Support Programme (EERSP) - Emergency Grants


Mali has experienced successive crises(security, political and institutional); asa result the country now exhibits all the characteristics of fragility: weakened institutions, erosion of the government’s capacity to provide the population with essential basic services, deterioration of the social fabric and displaced populations, breakdown of health and education systems, poor economic performance, and destruction of infrastructure in some regions. Against this backdrop,it is urgent and necessary to rebuild the government’s capacity to ensure the functioning of public administration and the population’s access to basic social services, and to create the conditions for economic recovery. To that end, the Transitional Government has prepared an Emergency Priority Action Plan (PAPU) intended mainly to restore the normal functioning of the administration and the population’s access to basic social services, as well as ensure economic recovery.The Emergency Economic Recovery Support Programme (EERSP), which aims to help the Government to address urgent social and economic needs arising from the successive crises experienced by the country, is intended to contribute to the implementation of the aforementioned plan.It comprises two main components: I –Restoration of normal functioning of the public administration and rebuilding of Government’s capacities to provide basic social services, especially in health and education; and II–Support for creating conditions required for rapid economic recovery.

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