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Mali - Project for Food Security Consolidation through Development of Irrigation Farming (PRESA-DCI) - Appraisal Report


PRESA/DCI was identified in March 2013 as one of the tools for implementing Mali's sustainable recovery plan (PRED) for 2013-2014. This project will rehabilitate 4,926 ha of irrigation area in Koulikoro, Sikasso and Ségou regions,there by improving food and nutritional security as well as the incomes of the beneficiary population. The project will directly target about 5,700 farms and benefit a total of about 85,695 farmers. It will intensify and diversify agricultural production, create jobs particularly for youths in the localities concerned,and develop all the value chains of growth-oriented sub-sectors. Youth sand women will benefit most from the created jobs, considering that service businesses will be created in farm equipment, small ruminants and fish farming,and that the processing of agricultural produce will be promoted. The project, worth UA 39.301 million, will be financed by the ADF for the sum of UA 36.00 million, comprising a loan of UA 33.856 million and a grant of UA 2.144 million, and by the Government and beneficiaries for UA 3.301 million.The Ministry of Rural Development will be the Executing Agency of the project. Project activities will be coordinated at national level by a central Coordination Unit, in conjunction with local coordination units that will coordinate project field activities at Sélingué Rural Development Authority (ODRS) for Sikasso Region, the Upper Niger Valley Authority (OHVN) for Koulikoro Region,and the Niger Authority (ON) for Ségou Region.The project area is located in South Mali, and is not affected by insecurity due to the conflict in the north of the country.

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