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Mali - Project for the economic empowerment of women in the shea butter subsector (PAEFFK) – Appraisal report


The Shea Butter Subsector offers the greatest potential for increasing incomes, reducing gender and development inequalities and ensuring inclusive growth in southern, central and western Mali. The Government of Mali has therefore requested financial support from the Bank to implement the Project for the Empowerment of Women in the Shea Butter Subsector (PAEFFK), especially in the Segou, Sikasso, Kayes and Koulikoro regions, where some 50,000 women belong to 400 cooperative associations working in the subsector, most of which are informal. The Project aims to increase women’s income and sustainably ensure their economic empowerment. At a cost of about UA 5.6 million, and spanning a period of five years, PAEFFK will support the establishment and formalisation of 400 cooperatives as well as the improvement of the competitiveness of their products, both in terms of quantity and quality. The project’s benefits are manifold, namely: (i) an increase in the average annual income of each cooperative association from CFAF 300,000 to CFAF 3,000,000; (ii) the creation of 2,000 decent permanent jobs and 40,000 temporary jobs and (iii) the improvement of the living conditions of 50,000 women (direct beneficiaries) and more than 800,000 indirect beneficiaries

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