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Mali - Project to support to the Implementation of the Integrated Water Resource Management Action Plan - Project Completion Report


The relevance of the project's development objective derives from the guidelines set out in the national reference document, the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) the main objective of which is to reduce poverty through sustainable and inclusive growth. The PRSP is the sole framework for all the medium-term development policies and strategies of the Government of Mali, and is based on the National Prospective Study (ENP) Mali 2025 or "The Mali 2025 Vision" targeting the improvement of infrastructure and the environmental framework as one of the country's priority development thrusts. Mali's National Water Policy Paper adopted by the Government in 2006, is part of the PRSP and sets out the sector development priorities. The overall objective of this policy is to contribute to the country's development by providing appropriate solutions to water-related problems and sustainable water resources management.

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