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Market Brief - Africa Economic Financial Brief 09-13 September 2013


Education is requisite for economic growth, social development and for reducing poverty and its intergenerational transmission. However, the full benefits of education investment can only be realized when certain conditions are in place. First, education is more effective when the intended services reach the ultimate beneficiaries and improve learning outcomes. Second, the effectiveness of education is enhanced when it is of good quality. Accordingly, education investments are less effective when spending on education is misallocated, insufficiently focused on quality, or poorly targeted.

In spite of progress in teaching technologies in recent decades, teachers remain the most essential input in producing quality education. Keeping teachers in class therefore remains an essential mechanism to improve the quality of education. Teacher absenteeism is however very high in Africa. Teacher absentee rates range from 8 percent and 20 percent in Kenya and South Africa to 27 percent and 28 percent in Uganda and Tanzania, respectively.

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