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Market Brief - Africa Economic Financial Brief 14-18 January 2013


Africa has experienced many severe food crises that caused death and displacement of millions of Africans, including as recently as the last ten years1 . Recent humanitarian disasters in the Horn of Africa in 2011 and in the Sahel region in 2012 highlighted the vulnerability of African populations in terms of food security. Despite global food surpluses and Africa’s endowment of abundant agricultural resources, no significant improvements have been made in tackling hunger and malnutrition on the continent. With 25% of its population undernourished, Sub-Saharan Africa remains the world’s most food-insecure region2 . As indicated in table 1, about 40% of SubSaharan children under the age of five were suffering chronic hunger and malnutrition in 2012, higher than other regions in the world. Food security is at the top of the Millennium Development Goals’ agenda, so the current situation is a great human development challenge for the continent, and especially for Sub-Saharan Africa.

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