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Morocco - Project for the sustainable management of water resources in the Sebou Basin (PSMWRS) – Sidi Abbou Dam - Summary FPLAC-PAP


At the request of Moroccan authorities, the African Development Bank Group will support the implementation of the Project for Sustainable Water Resources Management in the Sebou Basin (PGDRES) - Sidi Abbou Dam in Morocco.

From an environmental and social standpoint, the project is classified under Category 1 as its implementation will result in the physical and economic displacement of more than 200 people as well as the flooding of approximately 590 ha of agricultural land, displacement of 72 households and loss of livelihoods for 930 inhabitants, about 30% of whom are women. Hence, the project was subjected to an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) accompanied by a framework plan for land acquisition and compensation of project-affected persons (PCATI-PAP).

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