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Mauritania - Institutional Strengthening Project Concerning the Social Dimensions of Adjustmen - PPER


The present project performance evaluation report (PPER) concerns the project for institutional strengthening concerning the social dimensions of adjustment, which was financed by a TAF grant of UA 0.7 million and the contributions of the governments of Federal Republic of Germany and Mauritania, amounting to UA 1.96 et 0.16 million respectively. The TAF grant was approved in 1991. The project was completed in 1995, two years behind schedule.

The aim of the project was to attenuate the negative social effects of the structural adjustment programme. The approach adopted involved increasing the administration’s design capacity for integration of concerns relating to the social dimensions in the formulation of socio-economic development strategies, including socio-economic studies and surveys on household living conditions that could enlighten decision makers formulating a poverty control policy and plan. The project further sought to assist the urban communities affected by repeated drought.

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