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Mauritania - Nouakchott City Aftout Essaheli Drinking Water Supply Project - Project Completion Report (PCR)


Development challenge to be met by the project: the project was designed to meet the drinking water needs of Nouakchott, estimated at more than 100 000 m3/d in 2010, which can no longer be met by the production of the Trarza water table, from the Idini well field, estimated at appraisal to be 55 000 m3/d, which is the only available water resource for the capital. To address the water shortage problem which is hampering the economic and social development of the capital, the Government decided to supply the city of Nouakchott with water from Senegal River. A study conducted in September 2001 helped to design a water supply project to meet the drinking water needs of the city up to 2030.

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