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Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Report 2013 - Full Report


Africa’s impressive economic performance over the past decade has rekindled hopes for the continent’s future as an important player in the global economic landscape. The challenge for Africa is ensuring that the gains from growth leverage progress on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Indeed, most developing countries that have seen rapid growth have also enjoyed declines in poverty. With growth steady at 7 per cent, East Asia has maintained unemployment at around 4 per cent. China’s rapid progress has led to substantial poverty reductions, accounting for a large share of the global decline.

With fewer than 1,000 days until 2015, the impulse of policymakers is to strive for the targets without considering quality, equality and sustainability. The urgency must be tempered by the imperative of sustaining progress beyond 2015. After all, the development process and its challenges and opportunities will persist long after the MDGs have passed. Africa must commit to inclusive, transformative development that reduces income poverty, creates decent jobs, enhances the quality of and access to social services, reduces inequality and promotes resilience to climate-related hazards. Achieving these objectives will invariably put Africa on a trajectory towards sustained and sustainable development. The continent must ensure that the outcomes of its interventions meet the litmus test of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

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