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Morocco - Consolidation of the 1992 - 94 Structural Adjustment Programme - PPER


This project performance evaluation report (PPER) concerns the Consolidation of Morocco’s Structural Adjustment Programme for the 1992-94 period for which the ADB granted loan n° B/MAR/CON-PAS/93/47B of UA 100 million in August 1993.

This phase of the programme aimed overall, at consolidating sustainable growth of the Moroccan economy and specifically at : (i) introducing minimum competition in the economic sectors and an incentive system that is as neutral as possible with a view to lifting the administrative obstacles to trade, spurring exports on and strengthening the convertibility of the dirham ; ii) arriving at long-term reduction of the budget deficit while ensuring a better resource allocation in order to give renewed impetus to investment in the productive sectors ; (iii) contributing to greater social justice by setting out a social development strategy for low income households and rechannelling credit to the social sectors and agriculture so as to reduce further social inequality.

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