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Morocco - Construction of the Marrakech-Agadir Motorway - Request for Compliance Review and Problem Solving Project Request N° RQ2010/01


In tl,is Report, he states that "Since the request is registered for compliance review, and taking into consideration the totality of actions, outcolnes alld the unresolved pencling issue, the Director of CRMU does not recommend a compliance review for the several reasons. First, all the cornplaints except for that frorn El Bour have been resolved to the satisfaction of the Reqllestors. This problem in ElBour is caused by the contractor's non-fulfillment of its contractual obligations and does not amount to a violation of any of the Bank's applicable policies per se. Secondly, the Bank agrees to continue following r,rp in order to ensure that ADM undertakes its commitments under the action plan agreed upon with the Requestors, notably, to restore the affected agricLrltural lands at El Bour. Thirdly, the costs of conducting a cornpliance review or,rtweigh the costs to be incurred for restoring the affected lands at E,l Bor-rr. Finally, the cornpliance review would not provide the Bank with different lessons than those conclLrded by the problem solving exercise."

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