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Morocco - Country Portfolio Performance Review (CPPR) - Transmittal Note


The African Development Bank undertook a mission to Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco, from 7 to 9 and on 14 and 19 November 2018 to review the performance of the country portfolio and prepare the portfolio improvement plan 2018/2019. During the mission, it also reviewed and updated the CPPR Report 2017/2018. The objective of updating the said Country Portfolio Improvement Plan (CPIP) is to determine its progress and impact on portfolio quality and performance, as well as to identify any new issues that could compromise portfolio quality and performance. To achieve this objective, the mission consulted the executing agencies of Bank-financed projects, the line Ministries and the Ministry of the Economy and Finance to obtain their views. It also organized a fiduciary clinic (procurement, disbursement, and financial management) and a specific workshop on grant implementation and technical assistance.

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