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Morocco - Souk At Tanmia Morocco - Appraisal Report


In view of the positive results of the two editions of Souk At Tanmia (SAT) launched by the African Development Bank in July 2012 in Tunisia, and the continued commitment of the Bank to combat unemployment by promoting entrepreneurship, a decision was taken to implement this initiative in other countries of the region. The SAT programme used an integrated approach combining financial and non-financial support to entrepreneurs, while drawing on lessons from the first two editions and international best practices. More than five years after the launch of the first edition of the programme in Tunisia and thanks to the support of Souk's donors and partners, several positive results have been achieved. The Partnership has therefore been successful in gaining recognition in the country and producing positive results, partly through the implementation of international best practice (feedback from partners and beneficiaries). The success of these editions of SAT Tunisia relate to job creation, reduction of the time needed to process administrative formalities, an increase in the approval rates of bank financing requests, resource mobilisation for entrepreneurs and promotion of an entrepreneurship culture.

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