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Mozambique - Agricultural Value Chain and Youth Empowerment Project (AVACYEP) - Appraisal Report


The Agriculture Value Chain and Youth Empowerment Project (AVACYEP) is an integrated project to strengthen the capacity of rural communities to address the inter-linked challenges of food production, rural poverty, food insecurity and access to markets through the provision of horticulture and livestock related infrastructure, and improving food production and marketing activities, as well as capacity building for the affected communities. The total project cost is 12.241 Units of Account (17.294 million dollars) over 5 years (2018-2023) and will be implemented in the four districts of Moamba, Namaacha, Chókwé and Chonguene with estimated total direct beneficiaries of 20,000 and additional 20,000 indirect beneficiaries. This project consists of three approaches for scaling up agriculture water infrastructure development through: (i) increased horticultural crop production through value chain improvement, (ii) contribute to the introduction of best practice agricultural technologies to improve productivity of the red meat (i.e. cattle and goats) value chains, (iii) establishment of incubation centers for youth and women in order to promote entrepreneurship and agribusiness in order to create an appropriate and conducive environment for business development through advisor services and transfer of technologies to the beneficiaries of the program; (iv) through the aforementioned activities enhance the resilience to climate change and climate variability and risk.

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