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MULTINATIONAL - African Peer Review Mechanism Institutional Support Project (APRM-ISP) - Appraisal Report


Governance cuts across all the Bank strategies and interventions, including the Ten Year Strategy and the High 5s. Effective, accountable, and transparent institutions, strengthened service delivery, affordable capital, good infrastructure and an enabling environment for private sector growth are key to the realization of all these strategies. This project, which is designed to consolidate and improve the quality of governance in Africa, is thus aligned to the TYS, which has governance and accountability as one of its five operational priorities. The project is also in line with the High 5s, as an enabling governance environment will set the stage for transforming economies through industrialization, improvements in energy, infrastructure, agriculture and regional integration, all of which will enhance the delivery of essential public services to populations, stimulate employment opportunities and ultimately impact on the quality of people’s lives. By helping to strengthen institutional capacity and share good governance experiences, the project is consistent with all three pillars (Public Sector and Economic Management; Sector Governance; Investment and Business Climate) of the Bank’s Governance Strategic Framework and Action Plan (2014-2018). The project is designed to ensure gender mainstreaming, as well as improve gender outcomes in governance and development. It is, therefore, attuned to the Bank Group Gender Strategy. Furthermore, the project will enhance the participation of non-state actors as envisaged in the Bank’s Framework for Enhanced Engagement with Civil Society Organizations (2014- 2018).The project, which covers all of Africa, is also aligned with the Regional Integration Policy and Strategy 2014-2023. It will contribute to the Bank’s vision of a stable, integrated and prosperous continent of competitive, diversified and sustainably growing economies participating fully in global trade and investment.

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