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Multinational - Burundi-Rwanda power grid interconnection project for NELSAP - Appraisal Report


The Burundi-Rwanda power grid interconnection, which falls within the Multinational Power Grid Interconnection Project for the Nile Equatorial Lakes Countries (PMIREL-PLEN or NELSAP) approved by the Bank on 27 November 2008, involves constructing 140.7 km of 220 kV line initially operated at 110 kV (79.2 km in Burundi and 61.5 km in Rwanda) and two 220/30 kV sub-stations, and extending two 110 kV sub-stations between Gitega and Ngozi towns in Burundi, and Butaré and Kigoma towns in Rwanda. The project will help to improve the living conditions of the population, as well as the quality of the economic and social development framework by increasing the supply of affordable power. It will also contribute to enhancing the integration of the regional electricity market. Burundi’s section of the interconnection, which costs UA 19.79 million, will be implemented over five (5) years (2019-2023) and will be financed by an ADF grant of UA 2.51 million, a TSF grant of UA 3.17 million, an EU grant of UA 12.53 million (EUR 15 million), and the Government of Burundi for UA 1.59 million.

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