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Multinational - Higher Education Support in Waemu Countries Project - PCR


The HESP was initiated following a study on higher education in WAEMU countries carried out in 2005. This study identified real bottlenecks in the systems (lack of trained lecturers, introduction of the new BachelorMasters-Doctorate system (LMD reform), overcrowding, lack of research support, etc.) and the real needs of beneficiaries (training of trainers, research support, partnership with the private sector, lecturer and student mobility, etc.). In 2011, its mid-term review concluded that its development objective was "relevant to the development of qualified human resources in WAEMU member countries". Actions to enhance higher education quality are at the core of priorities identified by member states through their respective poverty reduction and accelerated growth strategy documents. This priority is all the more widely evident since the failure to address issues of higher education has proved to be a source of instability across Africa.

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