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Multinational - Lake Victoria Maritime Communications and Transport Project - Appraisal report


The project will address significant safety of life and transport planning issues on Lake Victoria to encourage increased transport and trade on the Lake. Specifically,the project will provide Maritime Communications System for safety on Lake Victoria, including the implementation of a Maritime Safety Coordination Centre and Search and Rescue centres on the Lake, and produce a maritime transport strategy for the EAC.The estimated total project cost is UA 25.95 million (USD 36,583,822). The proposed financing from ADF window amounts to UA 17.75 million (USD 25,014,522).The European Union –Africa Infrastructure Fund (EU-AIF) is expected to contribute UA 3.38million (USD 4,770,000) and participating countries’ contributions will amount to approximately UA 4.82million (USD 6,799,300). The project will be implemented over a period of four years.

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