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Multinational - Nacala Road Corridor Rehabilitation Project - ESIA Summary


The Government of Mozambique intends to improve access along the Nacala Development Corridor by rehabilitating and upgrading to bitumen approximately 350 km of the N13 highway from Nampula to Cuamba. The Nampula-Cuamba Road is an important component within the Nacala Development Corridor, an initiative that was jointly launched by the Governments of Mozambique, Malawia and Zambia in 2000, since it connects Niassa and Nampula Provinces, and in addition it serves to link landlocked Zambia and Malawi to the Mozambican coast. In line with the Mozambican EIA Regulations of 2004 (Article 3), the Ministry for Coordination of Environmental Affairs (MICOA) classified the road project as Category A, requiring a full environmental impact assessment. The scoping study was subsequently approved in January 2008. The objective of the ESIA Study was therefore to assess the positive and negative biophysical and socio-economic impacts resulting from the rehabilitation of the project road, to provide recommendations for mitigation and enhancement, and to present a detailed environmental management plan.

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