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Multinational - Strengthening transboundary cooperation and integrated natural resources management in the Songwe river basin - Project Summary


The Songwe River Basin(SRB)covers an estimated area of 4,200 km2 and is part of the wider Zambezi River basin. The river forms part of the formal border between Malawi and mainland Tanzania.Increasing competition for space, water and natural resources is degrading the Songwe River Basin. Both riparian countries ratified in 2017 the convention creating the Songwe River Basin Commission (SRBC) to sustainably manage the basin natural resources and implement the Songwe River Basin Development Programme (SRBDP). The ‘Strengthening transboundary cooperation and integrated natural resource management in the Songwe River Basin’ (STCINRM project is critical to prepare the ground for the implementation of the ambitious SRBDP by addressing the problem of environmental degradation. (The heart of the SRBDP is a multipurpose dam (115 m high, 330 Mm3) which will supply water fora 180 MW hydropower plant, 3000 ha of irrigation scheme in each country and control floods in the lower part of the basin. It will also provide water for 86 000 dwellers. Details of the SRBDP are presented in annex 10 in the PAR Vol II technical annexes.

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