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Multinational - Support to a Network of African Institutions of Science and Technology Project (SNAIST) – Project Completion Report


The project Goal is to provide a regional consolidated response to the needs for highly qualified personnel in science and engineering in ECOWAS region. One of the reasons for under development in Africa is the very limited capacity, quality and relevance of training in science and technology. This project was to provide a coordinated regional response to the shortage of skilled expertise in science and engineering in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). This was achieved by expanding access and improving the quality and the relevance of higher education and research, through strengthening and building capacity of centers of excellence within the ECOWAS region., The SNAIST project sought to address this dearth of skills through improvement of research facilities to enhance the quality of training and scientific research as well as increase access to quality training and research, as well as provide for the equivalence and harmonization of degrees and certificates between Anglophone and Francophone higher education systems. The project was further enhanced through the award of scholarships to students from various countries in Africa, who are engaged in scientific research targeted at solving Africa’s perennial challenges

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