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Multinational - Technical Assistance and Capacity-Building for the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) - PCR


The project objective of establishing mechanisms in ICGLR member countries for monitoring the mineral supply chain was to ensure that only certified minerals make their way to the world market, while excluding all those coming from mining sites associated with the activities of armed groups. Given the negative impact of weak control on the mineral supply chain on security in the Great Lakes countries, the project development objective was relevant. It targeted: (i) mineral certification as a means of reducing the effects of illicit trade on the financing of hot beds of conflict; (ii) the harmonization of mining laws to enable member States to set up tools and mechanisms for tightening control on the mineral trade; and (iii) the formalization of small-scale mineral exploitation that will help to improve the working conditions of exploiters, better structure their organizations, facilitate their access to financing for their activities and better control the mineral trade via this channel.

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