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Namibia - Economic Governance and Competitiveness Support Programme (EGCSP) - Appraisal report


Management submits the following proposal and recommendation for an ADB Loan of Three billion South African Rand (3 billion ZAR), equivalent to UA 166.57million, to the Republic of Namibia to finance the Economic Governance and Competitiveness Support Program (EGCSP). The EGCSP is designed as a programmatic series of two consecutive General Budget Support (GBS) operations covering the fiscal years 2017/18-2018/19, for a total indicative financing of ZAR 6 billion (UA333.14million). This is the first operation, and the Bank’s debut Program Based Operation (PBO) intervention in Namibia.The operation is designed in response to a request submitted by the Namibian Authorities in November 2016

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