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Niger - Combined 2013-2017 Country Strategy Paper and Portfolio Review


Niger is part of the Sahel region where efforts to promote inclusive and green growth meet with greater specific structural challenges than elsewhere, resulting from a combination of factors relating to the environment, climate change, lack of infrastructure, and high poverty levels. These factors particularly increase the populations’ vulnerability to food insecurity, and therefore Niger’s stakeholders have defined resilience to such food insecurity as a specific objective. Moreover, the recent and future context marked by larger scale exploitation of mineral and oil resources aids the funding of economic growth but also calls for greater focus on governance, in order to enable the country participate fully in the exploitation of the underground resources and also use the ensuing national income for its priority development actions. The country has other assets and opportunities, including: (a) the agro-forestry and pastoral sector which can develop significantly; and (b) untapped potential for the production of energy, especially renewable energy.

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