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Niger - Kandadji ecosystems regeneration and Niger valley development programme support project (PA_KRESMIN) - Appraisal report


The objective of the KandadjiProgramme is to regenerate the river ecosystems and increase agriculturaland energy production through the construction of a regulatory dam on the Niger River. Its implementation was planned in several phases.Along with eight (8) other partners, the Bank contributed to the financing of the first phase which was intended to focus on the dam’s construction and resettlement of the population(Wave 1)living in the dam’s right-of-way.The second phase,initially designed as a PPP(public-private partnership),comprised the construction of the power plant and power transmission lines as well as the second wave of resettlement (Wave 2)of the population living in the dam reservoir area. The Government finally retained the option of havingit solely constructed from public funds. New financial partners(WB and AFD)therefore joined the Kandadji Programme TFPs from 2012.

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