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Niger - Project to support the Kandadji ecosystems regeneration and Niger Valley development programme (P_KRESMIN) – Summary RAP 2A


This document is a summary of the Resettlement Action Plan Phase 2 (RAP 2A) of the Project to support Kandadji Ecosystems Regeneration and Niger Valley Development Programme. The first phase of the Programme entailed the preparation and implementation of a resettlement plan for the displacement of persons affected by the construction of the dam (RAP 1). For this first phase, a number of preparatory works were carried out: construction of a temporary bridge, construction of the contracting authority’s camp and protection of cofferdams. Populations affected by this wave of displacement are those in villages and hamlets located less than 2km upstream of the dam and less than 1 km downstream, estimated at 8,150 persons. The implementation of this resettlement action plan began in 2012. An audit of this resettlement was performed in 2015.

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