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Niger - Support Programme for Inclusive Growth and the Strengthening of Food Security (PACIRSA) - Appraisal Report


Management submits the following proposal and recommendations for the granting of a loan of UA 21.56 million to the Republic of Niger to finance the Support Programme for Inclusive Growth and the strengthening of food security (PACIRSA) for two fiscal years (2012 and 2013). This operation is a response to a request from the Government of Niger submitted on 14 October 2011. Programme appraisal was conducted in July 2012 through consultations with Niger authorities, private sector stakeholders and members of civil society. In addition to public finance reforms to improve internal revenue collection and enhance transparency and efficiency within the public expenditure chain, PACIRSA focuses on strengthening agro-pastoral sector governance and raising the competitiveness of agro-pastoral sub-sectors in order to boost the country's resilience to food crises.

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