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Niger - Support to reforms and Economic Resilience Programme - Phase 2 - Appraisal Report


Management hereby submits the following proposal and recommendation to extend a UA 10 million ADF loan and award a UA 10 million TSF grant to the Republic of Niger to finance the second phase of the Support to Reforms and Economic Resilience Programme (PARRE II). PARRE is a series of three consecutive programme-based general budget support (GBS) operations covering the 2017, 2018 and 2019 financial years. The key objective of PARRE II is to contribute to accelerated economic growth, with particular emphasis on boosting the country’s resilience to climate shocks. The programme’s first phase (PARRE-1) was financed by both the ADF and TSF grants in the respective amounts of UA 14 million and UA 30 million, and was implemented satisfactorily. It supported major public finance management reforms and contributed towards strengthening the country’s economic and social resilience. These include the adoption of the national budget in programme mode; the rationalisation of tax exemptions; the adoption of a new electricity tariff structure to improve the sector’s financial balance; the establishment of the Food and Nutrition Security Investment Fund as well as the revision of the national gender policy to strengthen women’s financial empowerment. This report is being submitted for Board approval following the satisfactory implementation of PARRE I and meeting all the measures precedent under the second phase.

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