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Nigeria - Abia State Integrated Infrastructure Development Project (ABSIIDP) Preparation Studies - Appraisal Report


Abia is one of the 36 States in Nigeria with a resident population of 3.2 million, and another 300,000 persons visiting the State every day. The State sits on an area of 5,834 km2. Abia State is sufficiently linked with her surrounding neighbours via road, and serves as a commercial hub for Southeastern states with a cumulative total population of 20 million persons. The state is bordered towards the south by alluvial coastal plains, characterized by rain forest vegetation, abundance of solid mineral and petroleum resources as well as a large belt of wild plantations of arable land. The state has 17 Local government Areas, 9 of which will be impacted by the Abia State Integrated Infrastructure Development Project (ABSIIDP), which is the subject of the MIC TAF application.

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