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Nigeria - Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Program - Phase I (ATASP-I) - Appraisal Report


The Federal Government of Nigeria has launched the Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA) to attract private sector investment in agriculture, reduce post-harvest losses, add value to local agricultural produce, develop rural infrastructure and enhance access of farmers and other value chain actors to financial services and markets. The ATA sets out to create over 3.5 million jobs along the value chains of the priority agricultural commodities of rice, sorghum, cassava, horticulture, cotton, cocoa, oil palm, livestock, fisheries, etc. for Nigeria’s teeming youths and women, in particular. The Bank intends to contribute to the objectives of the ATA through its on-going projects, and the Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Program (ATASP), which is a programmatic operation that will be the main instrument for consolidating Bank investments in Nigeria. ATASP Phase I (ATASP-1, interchangeably referred to as the Program) will be implemented in five years and is estimated to cost UA113.54million, with UA98.78million and UA0.25million financed from ADF loan and grant resources, respectively, in four StapleCrops Processing Zones (SCPZs) of Adani-Omor, Bida-Badeggi, Kano-Jigawa and Kebbi-Sokoto. Key impacts are additional incomes to an increased number of producers and entrepreneurs in the sector by the creation of about 120,000 jobs along the value chain of priority commodities; and additional 20 million metric tons of key commodity food crops added to domestic food supply per annum.

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