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Nigeria - Ebonyi State Ring Road Project – Appraisal Report


The Ebonyi State Ring Road Project comprises: (a) civil works for the rehabilitation to bitumen standard of sections of the Ebonyi State Ring Road as follows: (i) Section I: 135 Ohaukwu - Onueke (35.48 km), (ii) Section II: Onueke - Nwezenyi (52.42 km), (iii) Section III: Nwezenyi - Ndoko (50.99 km), and (iv) Section IV: Ndoko - Ezzamgbo (38.91 km), a total of 177.81 km, (b) consulting services for; (i) Design Review and Supervision of the above civil works; (ii) Mitigation of HIV/AIDS and STI; (iii) Monitoring of ESMP Implementation and Baseline Data Collection; (iv) Road Safety; (v) Audit services; and (vi) Procurement Consultant, (c) Capacity Building; (d) Compensation and Resettlement, and (e) Complementary Initiatives. The Ring Road connects 8 out of the 13 Local Government Areas (LGAs) of the State. The total cost of the project amounts to USD 167.66 million to be financed through an ADB Loan of USD 40 million (23.86%), an Africa Growing Together Fund (AGTF) loan of USD 30 million (17.40%), and an Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) loan of USD 80 million (47.72%). The ADB and AGTF loans will jointly finance Section III and part of Section IV, while the IsDB loan will finance Sections I and II in a parallel financing arrangement with the ADB and AGTF. The Government of Ebonyi State will provide USD 17.66 million (10.53%) to cover compensation and resettlement and the construction of 20 km of Section IV, which is at an advanced stage of completion. The project will be implemented over a five-year period.

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