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Nigeria - Ebonyi State Ring Road - RAP Summary


The Ebonyi state government proposes to borrow the total sum of $150 million from the African Development Bank (ADB) and Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) for the reconstruction/ rehabilitation of the 198 km existing Abakaliki Ring Road into a standard one carriageway, 2 - lane road finished with asphalt over lay over the road pavement. The pavement substratum is designed to have a compacted sub soil layer preferably of laterite. This layer is expected to be the stable bed on which the road pavement is carried. The Abakaliki Road Project, otherwise known as the State Ring Road Project, will comprise the upgrading/Rehabilitation of four (4) road links forming the ring road around the Ebonyi state capital; Abakaliki (Map1.1). The circular road is a State road linking series of agrarian communities and villages along Ezzamgbo - Onueke - Noyo - Effium - Ezzamgbo junction road intersect on Abakaliki - Enugu Federal Highway. The road also intersects the Abakaliki - Afikpo - Okigwe Road at Onueke town. Similarly, the road intersects the Abakaliki - Ogoja Federal Highway at Noyo town.

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