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Nigeria - Institutional Support for Economic Management and Delivery Project - Appraisal Report


The proposed operation is aligned with the overall thrust of Nigeria’s development strategy - the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP) for 2017-2020. The ERGP calls for macroeconomic and structural reforms, infrastructure investments and social sector programs to diversify the economy and set it on a path of high and sustained inclusive growth. The three broad strategic objectives are restoring growth, investing in people, and building a competitive economy. The priority areas of the ERGP are presented in Box 1. Governance is among the main pillars of the Plan, which specifically commits Government to undertake measures for promoting transparency and accountability including enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in public service delivery, ensuring value for money in the procurement process, and improving intergovernmental coordination and delivery. However, the success of this Plan depends largely on its effective implementation, including coordination amongst all stakeholders at national and subnational levels. The coordination of planimplementation is the responsibility of the Ministry of Budget and National Planning but the Ministry is facing serious human and organisational capacity constraints to implement the plan. In this regard, the proposed operation will provide technical assistance and capacity-building support to accelerate delivery of the ERGP, track progress against set targets, identify and tackle challenges as they emerge through a credible Monitoring and Evaluation Framework

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