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Nigeria - Proposal to award a grant of USD 1,000,000 as emergency assistance to fight the Ebola virus disease epidemic in Nigeria


Since the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) epidemic was declared on 21 March 2014, the Governments of the Republic of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone as well as their partners have been actively involved in the response effort. The epidemic seemed to have been brought under control in mid-May, but resurgence in the number of confirmed cases and the emergency of new foci were reported at the beginning of June 2014. After Guinea, the epidemic has also spread to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria, thus giving the crisis a regional dimension. By way of response, the WHO Regional Office for Africa organized an emergency ministerial meeting in Accra, Ghana on 2-3 July 2014 to enable Member States and partners to reach consensus on a regional strategy to halt the epidemic.


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