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Nigeria – Say No to Famine - Addressing food and nutrition insecurity in North-East Nigeria - Appraisal Report


Overview: The Bank approved the “Say No to Famine” framework in May 2017 as the Bank’s response to coordinated response to its Regional Members Countries (Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan), Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria) that have been severely affected by prolonged drought periods, conflicts and unstable food production systems, leading to the increased exposure of vulnerable populations to chronic hunger and malnutrition. The “Say No to Famine”- Addressing Food and Nutrition Insecurity in North-East Nigeria seeks to curb fragility aggravated by the Boko Haram insurgency. The Project is part of ongoing Federal Government efforts toward North-East States’i Emergency Transition, Recovery and Peacebuilding, elaborated by the five-year programmatic “Buhari Plan” of 2016. The project aligns with interventions by Development Partners (DPs) within the Recovery and Peace Building Assessment (RPBA), which seeks to support the implementation of the “Buhari Plan”.

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