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Note de Synthèse des Projets - Programme PME Africaines - Ligne de Credit Banque Populaire de Mauritanie (BPM) - Mauritanie


Banque Populaire de Mauritanie(BPM) was established in 2012 following an extension of the license of the Mauritania Leasing Company, which was the recognized leader of Mauritania's leasing market.Its main shareholders, all from the Mauritanian private sector, are listed below: Limam Ould Ebnou(25%), Ebnou Ould Limam(21.10%), Brahim Ould Ahmed Laama (20%), Banque Nationale de Mauritanie (12.5%) and Cinguitty Bank (10%). BPM currently has 6.15% of the market share (in terms of credit granted) of Mauritania's banking sector. The said sector is dominated by BNM, BMCI and SGM, the three leaders, which share about 50% of the market.In this respect, the line of credit should help BPM to strengthen its competitive position on the SME/SMI market, which represents 63% of its existing clientele. BPM is currently expanding beyond its capacity and, since 2008, has been experiencing serious problems in mobilizing medium-and long-term funds, which is impeding the fulfilment of its potential.

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