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Policy for Integrated Water Resources Management


The water sector is expected to fulfil social, environmental and economic needs. In a context of growing water scar city exacerbated by rapid population growth and urbanization, misallocation of resour ces, environmental degradation, and mismanagement of water resources, the Bank Group and its Regional Member Countries (RMCs) face new challenges wh ich call for a new approach to water resources management. Water is a singl e resource with many competing uses. Experience has amply demonstrated that wa ter management is complex and multi-level and requires a comprehensive framework. This analytical framewor k would facilitate the consideration of interconnections be tween the ecosystem and socio-economic activities in rive r basins. A sectoral or sub-sector al approach should therefore be replaced by an integrated approach, wh ich takes account of social, economic, and environmental objectives, assesses water re sources within each basin, evaluates and manages water demand, and seeks stakeholde rs’ participation. This vision is now widely accepted.

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