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Process Review of Harmonization/Joint Assistance Strategy Process in Five RMCS


In line with its commitment to the ongoing international harmonization agenda, the AfDB augmented its involvement in Aid Harmonization (Ha) in 2002, and has also become increasingly active in Joint Assistance Strategies (JAS) since 2004. The Board requested the Operations Evaluation Department undertake a review of the role of the ADB in selected JAS / Ha processes in order to generate pertinent information and to inform ongoing as well as future relevant Ha processes in the RMCs.

This Process Review (PR) focuses on ongoing JAS process in Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia, as well as the ongoing Ha process in Mozambique and Ethiopia. The PR may be compared to a snapshot of what has happened so far, and the experiences, perceptions and opinions of major players. The goal is to draw lessons on how to proceed with JAS / Ha at this juncture, not to provide an evaluative judgement early on regarding this complex process, which will be fully evaluated once it has sufficiently matured.

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