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Process Review of the 1997 Annual Portfolio Performance Review


This Process Review evaluates 1997 APPR from the standpoint of its declared objectives. These objectives are: to review and assess Bank Group portfolio performance; analyse implementation factor and their relationship to performance; and review performance improvement measures which have been put in place since 1996 APPR.

This Process Review found that the APPR process continues to improve alongside portfolio performance. But there are still areas for improvement. These are: the urgency in putting in place the much-awaited new rating format as a step towards a consistent rating methodology; the need to factor in quality-at-entry issues into the definition of Project-at-Risk; and the need to strive for 100% coverage in project supervision. As OPEV moves gradually to harmonise its ratings with other MDBs in order to ensure comparability of outcomes among these institutions, it is also desirable for the Operations Departments to harmonise their ratings with OPEV in order to ensure internal comparability of project outcomes.

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